Hygge (pronounced hu-guh) is a Danish word with no precise English translation, denoting a sense of cozy, warm, fun, safe -- a feeling of wholeness, in which all needs are met. The idea of hygge is what I wish for everyone around the time of having a baby.

Supporting hygge in pregnancy and the early postpartum period is an age-old practice spanning cultures across the globe. This caregiver role has traditionally been filled by mothers, sisters, aunties and cousins. In this day and age, we tend to live apart from our families, we are all busier, and we may lack the family or community that we would wish to have to nurture us growing babies and immediately after birth.

The role of a perinatal doula is to fill this gap. As a doula, I provide non-clinical care, knowledge and support to make this transition with your sweet new baby cozier, safer, more peaceful, more fun.  The love I received in the first few weeks after my child was born allowed me the space to rest and heal myself, nurse her whenever she needed, and delight in her long-awaited presence in my home and my life forevermore. We all deserve that time and space.

I would love to help create hygge for you.


Hygge with me