Hands-on Nutrition

My fascination with human nutrition stemmed from a love of food and a desire for a deeper sense of well-being, so it’s hard for me to give others nutritional support without putting my hands on a vibrant bunch of leafy greens or a luscious and brightly-coloured squash, and encouraging you to do the same!

Let’s not use too many food sciencey words and get all up in our heads about eating. Let’s tap into the food as it triggers our senses as delicious, satisfying, refreshing and grounding.  I can help you make plans for reinventing your eating habits in ways that work.

Jae’s advice helped me rediscover a love for food that I thought forever lost, while at the same time steered me along to achieve my weight loss goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Her simple and straightforward guidelines were easy to remember and implement in my busy day-to-day life. She rocks!
— Rob, client