Meal Support

Meal Support


Eating the way you enjoy, only better!

“I eat okay and I like vegetables well enough, but my best intentions aren’t coming together in action.”
Does that sound like your relationship with food? Generalized meal plans can miss the mark for many of us who don’t have the time or energy for a complete overhaul of our diet.

Enter HyggeMama’s completely customized Meal Support to make healthier eating an attainable reality for you!

Over three appointments, you and I will:

  • create a picture of your health goals,
  • pool our ideas of what makes a healthy and delicious way to eat, and
  • after you test-drive the plan, we’ll make some tweaks so that it’s even better. It’s not a good plan until it fits well with your life.

Appointment 1: Brief health assessment, review of goals and current eating habits, and discussion of your food loves and dislikes (60 min)

Appointment 2: Collaborative creation of a two-week meal plan (60 min)

Appointment 3 (two to three weeks later): Follow-up and adjustment of plan (30 min)

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Available worldwide over Skype

This service is most powerful for people who already have particular nutrition goals in mind (reducing sugar, dairy or gluten, preparing for conception, or balancing weight, mood and energy) but need support to put their intentions into action. Perhaps your medical or naturopathic doctor has suggested that you change how you eat but how to put this into place seems out of reach? Hands-on Nutrition is all about the “how?”!

Jae’s advice helped me rediscover a love for food that I thought forever lost, while at the same time steered me along to achieve my weight loss goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Her simple and straightforward guidelines were easy to remember and implement in my busy day-to-day life. She rocks!
— Rob, client