More Comfort & Ease

More Comfort & Ease


Receive the continuity of care from regular supportive visits as you get cozy with your newborn in their first month. This in-home service can include:

  • breastfeeding/infant feeding counselling,

  • diapering and bathing baby,

  • fixing you a meal,

  • light housekeeping (tidying, organizing, laundry), 

  • wearing baby while you get some delicious sleep,

  • emotional support (processing the experience of your birth and new parenthood),

  • babywearing education (learn how to use that carrier you got as a shower gift!), and

  • referrals to clinical attention and community resources as needed. 

Over the years I have supported hundreds of families in their homes to adjust more comfortably to life in the early postpartum. Having consistent visits with a Mama-Baby Expert to help you through, and answer your questions can make a meaningful contribution to establishing your "new normal" as a parent.

For families having a second or third baby, being able place your newborn in another pair of caring arms for a bit, while you can give your older child(ren) some of the attention they crave, can help make that transition easier for siblings and parents alike.

The Comfort & Ease Package consists of:

  • An hour-long Prenatal consult (best arranged for 34-37 weeks of pregnancy)

  • Postpartum week 1: Four hour visits x3

  • Postpartum week 2: Four hour visits x2

  • Postpartum week 3 or 4: Final four hour visit

  • Plus email support during this time.

This 25-hour package is wonderful for anyone looking for a bit more customizes support and some extra breathing room in those early postpartum days.

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