Prenatal Consultations

Prenatal Consultations


When pregnancy is unfamiliar terrain, there are so many questions that arise, and an equal number of decisions to be made! I have the education and insight to provide you with guidance in the areas of:

  • nutrition, general wellness,
  • labour and birth options,
  • writing a birth plan for effective communication with your health care team,
  • infant feeding (breastfeeding, pumping, bottles and formula),
  • home preparation for baby, and
  • setting up your postpartum support system.

In my capacity as a Mama-Baby Expert and nutritionist, I use my training and experience to support you in making the choices that are best for you and your family, and provide you with information to consider when speaking with your clinical care provider.

Includes a 60-minute initial visit, a 30-minute follow-up, and a customized plan for going forward.

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One of Jae’s best qualities: she has the ability to make people very comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations. At one of my prenatal appointments, she asked me if there was anything that I had questions about so I brought up the fact that I was experiencing constipation (uncomfortable!). A big smile came across Jae’s face and she said, “I love talking about constipation!” before proceeding to tell me a number of ways to get things moving along more regularly. Her information was presented in a way that made me feel totally fine about what I was experiencing, and fine about talking to her about it. Not only that, but her suggestions worked like a charm, which shows that her information was relevant and useful.
— Heather, mama of two