The Full Hygge

The Full Hygge


Receive the continuity of care from regular supportive visits as you get cozy with your newborn in their first month. This in-home service can include:

  • breastfeeding/infant feeding counselling,

  • diapering and bathing baby,

  • fixing you a meal,

  • light housekeeping (tidying, organizing, laundry),

  • wearing baby while you get some delicious sleep,

  • emotional support (processing the experience of your birth and new parenthood),

  • babywearing education (learn how to use that carrier you got as a shower gift!), and

  • referrals to clinical attention and community resources as needed.

Over the years I have supported hundreds of families in their homes to adjust more comfortably to life in the early postpartum. Having consistent visits with a Mama-Baby Expert to help you through, and answer your questions can make a meaningful contribution to establishing your "new normal" as a parent.

For families having a second or third baby, being able place your newborn in another pair of caring arms for a bit, while you can give your older child(ren) some of the attention they crave, can help make that transition easier for siblings and parents alike.

The Full Hygge Package consists of:

  • A two hour-long Prenatal consult (best arranged for 34-37 weeks of pregnancy)

  • Postpartum weeks 1 & 2: Four hour visits, three times per week.

  • Postpartum weeks 3 & 4: Four hour visits, two times per week.

  • Plus email support during this time.

This 42-hour package would be wonderful for anyone, but in particular for those who have limited family and friend support, or a partner who works long days.

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Available locally in the City of Toronto

I understand that it is a very personal thing to have someone unfamiliar in your home soon after the birth of your baby. For that reason, I am available for a 20 minute chat (at no charge) to help you decide if my support is the right fit for your family. Fill out our contact form to arrange.

Should you like to try out one session of postpartum support prior before committing to a package, visits can be arranged at $50/hr for a minimum of 3 hours.