Postpartum Support

You will likely find that the early postpartum period, those first few weeks and months as a parent, are the most demanding and rewarding of your life. It’s a hugely emotional time because you’ve just brought new life into the world. Because your hormones are adjusting to baby being outside your body. And because your baby needs support around the clock, everything is happening on very little sleep!

There’s no getting around it – you need skilled support in order to meet those needs. You need to be nurtured in your new parenting role in order to nurture your babe. This is how your milk comes in, this is how your baby grows, this is how attachment between you is fostered, and this is how you heal and come into parenthood feeling whole.

New parenthood is a tender time. As a postpartum doula, I have both the professional and personal experience to anticipate your basic needs, and also to hear your particular requests. This in-home support can include breastfeeding/infant feeding counselling, diapering and bathing baby, fixing you a meal, light housekeeping, and wearing baby while you get some delicious sleep. If clinical care is needed, I can help you figure out where to go.


For families having a second or third baby, being able place your newborn in another pair of caring arms for a bit while you can give your older child(ren) some of the attention they crave, can help make that transition easier for siblings and parents alike.

I understand that it is a very personal thing to have someone unfamiliar in your home soon after the birth of your baby. For that reason, I am available for a complimentary 20 minute chat to help you decide if my support is the right fit for your family. You might want this meeting to take place prenatally, or whenever you realize that in-home postpartum support is what you need!

We highly recommend Jae. When we came home from the hospital, we were exhausted, disorganized, and generally a bit frazzled. We contacted Jae, on our first morning home from the hospital, and she rushed right over at short notice. Breastfeeding had not been going well, but in an instant, she fostered our son to latch properly and consulted me though the day on how to nurse him. It is two months later, and our child is on 100% breastmilk and doing fantastic.

Further, she managed my husband very well. After an intense birth, he was also weary and drained and not very helpful. Jae got him up, brushed him off, established a list of priorities, and eventually sent him out with a grocery list.

She went above and beyond by making us the most amazing breakfast, and organizing our home in all ways. On top of that, she suspected that our son might be jaundiced, and encouraged us to contact our doctor. As a result, we brought him to the clinic immediately and her finding was confirmed.

We could not have made it through that first week without Jae. Our marriage is better for her having helped us to communicate better with each other, and our child is healthy and well as a result of having Jae as our postpartum doula.
— Michelle, first time mama