Prenatal Services

Pregnancy is a time of lots of change, and as a result, lots of questions. You want to make the best choices for yourself and your growing baby, and you’re doing your best to prepare and anticipate what you’ll both want and need once your child is on the outside!

Let me provide you with the information and support you need to navigate this unfamiliar period. I am a strong advocate for informed choice, meaning my role is to share research and reliable resources with you, and insights I have based on what I’ve seen in practice, so that you have the tools to make decisions that suit the needs of you and your family.

Your life is changing, and challenges are inevitable. With my help, growing roots – in other words, establishing yourself as a parent, and caring for yourself in the process – can be an exciting exploration.

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During my prenatal care, Jae was very easy to connect with right away. Her approach was affable, warm and I could really sense that she cared. It was always easy to ask Jae questions, and she would follow through at the next appointment with further pertinent information and feedback. Not only did she prove herself to be highly knowledgeable, but she was also able to present different perspectives and convey information in a clear yet conversational manner.
— Katharine, first time mama